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We love to see and share what digital photo keepsakes our gorgeous customers have created. Here you'll be see what other Create with kikki.K customers have made for your delight and inspiration. If you'd like to featured simply send up to 100 words and upto five photos to create@kikki-k.com.

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Featured Project: Aiden loves Emma Wedding Photobook

Emma created this beautiful keepsake to celebrate her wedding to Aiden. She sent us images of her charming wedding photobook and we love the result! Here's what Emma had to say...

"I just got my kikki.K photobook and I am in love! It has been almost a year since Aiden and I tied the knot and I thought it was a little silly that we didn't have a photo album yet. I saw your photo books in store and thought I could easily make one with your software.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and I long to return to the day and relive it again and again...Now all I have to do is flip through my photobook and it's hard to wipe the smile from my face. Thank you!!

Our wedding was photographed by my boss (Justin at Bushturkey Studio) and being a photographer myself, the images and quality are of most importance!

Seeing as DIY was a massive part of our wedding (we did everything ourselves - reception/decorations/flowers/cake) it only seemed right to carry on the DIY theme with the Photobook. I loved making it and will definitely make more for our families as gifts!"

Emma chose a medium, square photobook with a hard cover. She used a combination of gorgeous themes to create the world of their wedding day within the pages of her wedding photo album.

The front cover features the always stylish Silver Flower theme, with icons from the Sweethearts Collection to inspire love. She continued with the sweet theme, decorating pages with heart illustrations and gorgeous heart bunting.

Her mixture of layouts and photos works beautifully and we love the personal touches she's added such as the basic banners with details from their special day.

A beautiful representation of their love and commitment and a gorgeous keepsake that Emma and Aiden can look back on over the years to come. Congratulations Emma and Aiden, and thank you Emma for sending in your beautiful images!

Gift Book: Venus Bay

Kylie and her husband Laurent, went on a family holiday with their two children and a group of friends to Venus Bay over the summer holidays.

Kylie created this beautiful photo album filled with their memories from the trip. We love the landscape spread out over the front cover. It provides the perfect impact for readers picking up the gorgeous photo book.

Kylie ordered three copies - a copy for each of the three families, so they could all remember the great time they spent by the sea...

In the waves, in the sand...

At the surfclub, on the dunes, out on the boat...

On the deck and around the dinner table... Good times for big and little folk.

We love Kylie's finishing touch on the back cover of her beautiful digital keepsake. She added in a simple white circle with the names of all the family members inside. Personal and stylish.

Such a thoughtful idea and a stunning gift that all families will enjoy looking through and reminiscing with young ones.

Photo Project Idea: Fika Recipe Book

Fika: Swedish for taking a break with tea or coffee and something sweet.

We celebrated Fika at kikki.K recently with a fun morning tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Staff brought along their favourite baked goodies and we auctioned off a stunning photo from one of our talented photographers with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council.

To capture beautiful memories and delicious recipes we created a photo book which serves as a beautiful keepsake for everyone who was part of the fun morning.

Featuring scrumptious imagery of the treats on offer, recipes are included next to stand out items so if anyone wants to re-create that Malteser Cheesecake, they can simply turn to the right page.

We designed this gorgeous photo album in a medium portrait size with a hard, matte cover.

We kept the design simple, letting the pictures do the talking and only adding in recipes in stylish grey, Futura font.

Tip: Add in unique elements such as a stylish contents page explaining your digital photo album, and mix up the layouts on different pages. The colourful display of the whole morning tea spread looks perfect over two pages, while portrait photos look great on separate pages.

Visit our kikki.K blog here to find some of the delicious recipes and create your own digital keepsake for the special events in your life.

Featured Project: Jen's Kids Annual Photobook

Jen and her family are travelling back to Sweden this year to visit her home town and the friends and relatives that still live there. Jen thought a family photo album would be the perfect gift to show friends and family what they’d been up to in Australia.

Jen created an Annual Kid’s Photobook featuring photos of her gorgeous children, Hanna and Jonas and their memorable moments over the past 18 months.

The digital photo album included photos celebrating Hanna’s 4th birthday and Jonas turning 2.

Jen took most of the photos on her iphone, and used the gorgeous new Forest Friends Collection in the editor to add the finishing touches to her beautiful family photobook.

She also added in text descriptors in classic red, so family looking through the gift photobook knew where each photo took place.

This kids photo album is the perfect gift to fill in family and friends on the special moments in your life and your children’s lives. It’s a gorgeous gift, that they’ll love looking back on with each new year.

Create Your Own Fashion Journal

We're so excited to be an Official Product Partner for the 2012 L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). There's always so much photographic inspiration during the festival, it's hard not to embrace the buzz. We love this idea of putting together a Fashion Journal Photobook.

The hard-cover, medium, square Photobook looks so professional with a stunning close-up photo of cute clogs on the cover. Included are details about what each day involved; a trip to the markets, or tickets to an LMFF Runway Show along with details of what clothes were worn and accessories used.

The simple and elegant book used Futura Light font and kept scrapbooking elements to a minimum, adding fun details with love hearts from the Sundae range and flags from the Basics range.

A stylish addition is the title page, 365 Days of Style, and the banner sticker on the back of the book with Anna Wintour's famous and inspiring quote.

Such a beautiful representation of a year in your world of fashion. Create your own Fashion Journal today.

Featured Project: Farewell Sonia & Fred

As a farewell gift for gorgeous friends heading back home to France to live, Claire made Sonia and Fred a photo book of Australian memories. The medium square, grey linen covered book featured photos from special times spent together over the years.

Claire used a combination of design themes from the Sketch, Sweet Heart and Basics collection. Digital stickers and stamps were used throughout, along with page backgrounds and text boxes.

The book is a celebration of friendship that will be a keepsake for many years to come. Farewell Sonia and Fred! We hope to see you again soon. x

Featured Project: Jen's Family Get Away

Family holidays are often our favourite childhood memories, even from a young age. Jen and her family travelled to northern Queensland for some fun in the sun, and captured some precious moments with her kids. She's produced a small photobook of some special times to share with family members at Christmas.

Jen took all the photos in this book on her iPhone, which have worked well in this small 15x15 square photo book format. She choose a hard photo cover, embellished with the Sketch theme background.

She also didn't forget the back cover - a small and cute detail!

Featured Project: Team Member Anniversary Book

To celebrate the first year on the job, the marketing team at kikki.K put together a gift photo book, complete with love notes, inspiring quotes, special photos and even a hand drawn illustration for one of it's team members.

Small square photobook cover

The book was designed in a small square soft photocover format and included scanned drawings, full doubled spread photos and favourite recipes.

The thoughtful notes written by each team member were funny, insightful and moving.

The book celebrated achievements and special moments the team had experienced and shared together. Including going to Pump Class!

Favourite quotes serve as a reminder of the team spirit and respect for each other.

Presenting the book at a special morning tea complete with flowers and special baked treats gave rise to a few tears of joy and appreciation.  Happy 1st year anniversary!

Featured Project: Joyce's Sweet Treats Recipe Book

Joyce loves sweets, photography, Christmas and her family. For Christmas she combined all of these loves to create a Sweet Treats Recipe book as her Christmas gift to her family.

Using the small square format, Joyce set the book up with a family dedication, contents page and page numbers. She ordered several copies of the book to give to delighted family in New Zealand.

Joyce had been planning the book for a little while before Christmas, giving herself some time to not only make and photograph all the recipes in the book, but style them with Christmas accessories and decorations.

Sticking to a consistent use of fonts, colours and layout gives Joyce's book a very professional and polished look.

Because Joyce was planning on ordering several copies of her book, she ordered one copy of the book first to ensure she was completely happy with the layout and alignment of her photos and text.

We think the result is good enough to eat!

Featured Projects: Kylie's 2012 Family Desk Calendar

Kylie created this elegantly simple 2012 Desk Calendar for her family as Christmas gifts this season. As a working mum finding Christmas gifts that are unique, useful and touching is always a challenge. Kylie followed a very simple design layout, sticking to one hero photo on a page, mixing black and white photos with closeup full colour shots.

'I loved the fact that I could create it once, and easily order enough copies for both sides of my family with a few clicks' she explained.

'When I received the calendars, I also really loved the thick matte paper the calendars were printed on. It's a really beautiful feature of these products' she said.

If you’d like us to feature your digital keepsake on our blog, simply email us with a story about your project and up to five photos to create@kikki-k.com.

Free those photos and unleash your creativity. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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