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Organise Your Holiday Photos

After the rush of the festive season and holidays spent snapping gorgeous photos of family, friends and special moments, the last thing you want to do is forget about those wonderful memories.

Follow these simple steps to organise those holiday snapshots and create a unique keepsake to proudly display your much-loved moments.


Your first step, if you haven’t already, is to get all those holiday photos into one spot. They might be located on your camera or phone, wherever they are, transfer them into one easy to find location on your computer.


To make it easier and quicker when creating your digital masterpiece, sort through your photos and divide them into easy to find folders.

Depending on your holiday activities this might include folders for events or special occasions like Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or Family Beach Holiday. You could also have a folder for all those other photos that don’t necessarily fit under one specific title.

Depending on the quantity of photos, you might like to be extra organised and divide them within the folders too. You could organise them into photos of people or places, or photos that are landscape or portrait. This is a great idea if you have a lot of photos to sort through. The more organised you are, the quicker and easier it will be to find the photos you want to use in your Create with kikki.K photo project.


Decide on which Create with kikki.K project will best display your holiday memories. Perhaps you’d like to turn them into a Calendar so that you can look at them every day, or maybe a Photobook would work better as an Album on your coffee table for loved ones to browse through whenever they like.

Notepads, Journals, Calendars or Photo books - decide on which medium you’d like and select this in the Create with kikki.K editor.


Now when the editor prompts you to add in photos you'll know exactly where to go to find them. You can add in an entire folder of photos or you can add in photos individually. Try to only select the photos you really think you’d like to use.

By adding in huge folders of photos, you’ll find this slows down the editor and makes the process take a little longer. You can avoid this by preselecting your photos for each project and, as above, transferring these into their own folder.


Now’s the fun part. Design, create and make a photo keepsake you love. Use the page layouts, themes, scrap-booking items and frames to add in the finishing touches and turn your creative masterpiece into something truly special.


A gorgeous photo keepsake also makes a bespoke gift for friends and family. If you holidayed with loved ones, why not order multiple copies so they can revisit and celebrate the memories too.

New! Share your Project with Loved Ones

We're so happy to announce this beautiful feature of the new editor. Once you've completed and ordered your gorgeous Create with kikki.K Photo Book, Photo Calendar or any photo keepsake, you'll now be emailed with a personal link where you can view your creative photo project online.

Send the link to loved ones so that they can view your inspiring handiwork too, and if they fall in love as much as you, they're even able to order their own copy. Such a great way to share memories and perfect for keeping family and friends overseas up to date with special moments in your life.

Featured Project: 'Thank You Emily' Photo Book

This beautiful Photo Book was made as a Thank You gift to Emily, Axel and Tiffany's Nanny, who recently returned to Sweden.

The Photobook is an inspiring celebration of their time together and a beautiful gift to Emily and keepsake for the family.

The album opens to an inspiring and thoughtful quote, perfect for setting the scene for the happy moments shared on Emily's travels to Australia.

This beautiful Photo Album features a consistent look throughout, with simple, black frames used to border each photo.

Short and sweet messages were included from Tiffany and Axel, using the Inspire Note Card illustration to frame them on the page.

This unique digital keepsake features mostly black and white photos, and uses different page layouts to keep the look fresh, fun and interesting.

Exciting adventures and happy moments shared are the focus of this unique custom-made gift, and there were many of them.

With the addition of coloured photos, the theme remains consistent - using black borders to frame the photos and lots of white space to allow the photos to stand out on the page.

It's such a gorgeous way to say thank you to a very important person, and a beautiful way to remind them of all their wonderful moments together. A personalised Photobook is a unique keepsake that will be cherished for years.

Design Tip: Using Photos from Facebook and Flickr

One of the exciting features of our new editor is that you're now able to import photos from Facebook or Flickr directly into your next Photo Book, Photo Calendar or any digital keepsake. When selecting photos to add into your creative project, simply choose the drop down option to add pictures from Facebook or Flickr, as seen below.

Instead of trying to locate photos buried in folders on your computer, you can simply add them straight from your Facebook or Flickr albums. You won't have to ask friends for photos from that wonderful holiday trip, you can simply find what you're looking for on Facebook and upload them to your next Create with kikki.K digital project.

Play around with this new feature in the editor today and save yourself time and stress when creating your next beautiful keepsake or personalised gift.

Design Theme: Explore

Give your adventures the presentation they deserve with this beautiful new design theme, Explore. The perfect theme for Travel Photo Books, family holiday photo albums and daring adventures abroad.

Explore features an inspiring and exciting colour palette of soft turquoise, golden yellow and bold blues and reds. These colours work beautifully with landscapes, cityscapes and of course next to your loved ones.

Bring your memories to life with the gorgeous illustrations and designs. Sweet and stylish arrows, planes, mountains and compasses are beautiful ways to add a unique touch.

Add in fun banners that transform a photo into an exciting discovery. It's the perfect way to turn your memories into something more.

Sweet matching borders complete the picture. Mix up your Photobook or Calendar with travel inspired backgrounds pointing you on your way to your next adventure.

Place a page featuring a background with a fun paper plane next to a stunning full page photo for maximum effect. The result is beautiful.

Try out different page layouts so you fit in all the photos you love without sacrificing style. Start your next adventure with this beautiful new theme.

Play with Explore in the editor today. It's a piece of treasure you'll love discovering, and remember the wise words of Joe Batten, 'Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder.'

Featured Project: Kate's 30th Birthday

A recent customer of Create with kikki.K, sent us this beautiful Birthday Book to photograph and feature on our blog. The gorgeous Photobook was created as a gift for Kate on her 30th birthday - a milestone event!

The customer contacted Kate's family and friends, many of whom were overseas at the time, and asked them to contribute a creative birthday message.

The result was beautiful photos, creative messages and illustrations, collated in one unique birthday Photo book.

The Inspire theme was used throughout, to tie the photos and messages together with a consistent look. Inspiring quotes were added to blank space to ensure the photo album was a celebration of Kate's life and a place of excitement for the future.

The messages were included in simple Futura font in grey, which aided the stylish design of the Photobook.

Gorgeous frames and backgrounds were used from the Inspire theme, adding bursts of colour and happiness to the pages.

A special birthday message was created by a loved one out of magazine clippings, photographed and added into the album.

Another unique birthday message was hand illustrated and scanned into the editor - a beautiful and inspiring way to add a truly personal touch.

We love the result. Such a gorgeous celebration of life and love and a wonderful team effort from a group of people.

The final quote on the last page is the perfect way to end this unique gift. Happy Birthday Kate, and thanks for letting us feature this gorgeous birthday Photobook on our blog. We absolutely love it.

Design Tip: Choosing Photos

Choosing photos for your creative project should be fun and exciting. To ensure that you don't waste time sorting through photos when you could be creating a gorgeous Photobook, Calendar or Journal, select your photos before you start designing your project.

First, decide what your project will be about - is it a collection of your travel adventures? Is it a birthday book with lots of family photos? Is it an inspiring Calendar for the new year?

Once you've decided, make a separate folder and spend a little time collecting all the photos that are must-haves. When you come to add these to your project through the Create software, you can simply add the folder of photos straight into the editor - saving you time and stress. If you add in lots of photos that you don't need, this slows down the software as it has to sort through these every time you want to choose another photo. By previously selecting the photos you want to use, you're keeping the editor speedy and letting you focus on the important things, like designing the perfect digital keepsake.

You could even make folders for future projects, then when you come across a photo you love and think would be perfect for a particular photo book or other creative project, you can simply add it to the folder. You won't forget where you saw that gorgeous photo and you can focus on the creating. This way you won't be overwhelmed by the task at hand and will be organised in advance, so that creating your masterpiece stays fun and easy.

2013 Family Calendars

Give the gift of happiness all year long with a 2013 Family Calendar. The Family Calendar is much-loved here at kikki.K. It's the ultimate organisation tool. Now, you can personalise your own with Create with kikki.K.

Family Calendars make the perfect Christmas gifts because you're not only gifting a unique and customised keepsake, you're also gifting time. Use the Family Calendar to record all appointments, special dates, events and birthdays for each family member or housemate. With an allocated spot for all this information, time, stress and space is saved. Instead you, or your recipient, has the freedom to spend their time doing what makes them happiest.

That's the best part about a Family Calendar. It's inspiration to share and embrace happiness. Available in black or white, add in your photos to the top of each month and give a gift you'll love.




Featured Project: Recipes for Belinda

This gorgeous Recipe Book was created for Belinda as a gift on her Hen's Day. The beautiful cookbook features a collection of recipes from family and friends and is a lovely example of the creative ways in which you can design your own photobook.

The Personal Cookbook features a lovely colour palette of soft blues, lilacs and pinks. It uses sweet heart icons which are perfect for celebrating their love for Belinda and Belinda's exciting engagement.

The book uses text only and includes recipes from each family member and close friend with a short message accompanying each to let Belinda know why each recipe was chosen.

Longer recipes are spread out over two pages, always allowing enough space to ensure the recipes are easy to follow and look beautiful on the pages.

Smaller recipes are displayed on one page and beautiful icons are included to keep the overall feel of the cookbook consistent. We love the design which changes the colour of a simple icon, such as the silver flower, to fit in with the colour palette of the book. The colour of the text also works beautifully with the patterns and backgrounds used. It's a beautiful example of experimenting with creative colour choices to design a photo book that's original and sophisticated.

This Family Cookbook is the perfect incentive to discover the icons and embellishments available in the editor. Play with colour, size, shadowing, framing and backgrounds. Once you're familiar with how they can be manipulated, you can design a Photobook, Calendar or Memory Book that truly reflects the recipient's personal style.

We love the thoughtful details that have gone into Belinda's Recipe Book. The final banner saying 'Enjoy' is the perfect way to end such a gorgeous gift.

New! Personalised Notepads

We're delighted to bring you beautiful personalised notepads, the latest addition to the Create with kikki.K family.

These gorgeous notepads are the ultimate accessory, combining style with functionality.

Decide on which photo to feature on the cover, then choose a spine colour to compliment. You can choose from red, grey, black or white. Plus you can add in optional text.

With 100 pages, choose from unlined, lined or checklist internal page designs. Have you been dreaming about the ultimate organisation tool? How about a Christmas checklist you can use year after year? The possibilities are endless with these gorgeous custom-made notepads.

Choose from four different sizes: Slim Notepad, Pocket (A6), Small (A5) and Medium (A4).

The A5 Notepad is ideal for multiple uses: note-taking at meetings, uni or events; recording dreams and goals; jotting down styling ideas or inspiration.

We love designing the perfect To Do lists and Shopping Lists in the Slim Notepad size, while the A6 Notepad is the perfect size to pop in your bag for notes and inspiration on the go.

Design a unique Day Planner or a simple notepad that offers you the freedom to use it however you need with the spacious A4 notepad.

Personalise with a message at the top of your writing pages. For a unique gift for someone special, design a notepad with their name at the top of each page. Thoughtful, stylish and sophisticated.

Start creating your own personalised notepad today. Not only are they beautiful, unique gifts, but they're also practical tools to help you organise your life in style.

We're also excited to announce that we now have gorgeous customised journals available for you to create. Learn more about them here.

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